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We run facilitated workshops to investigate specific project and programme management issues, based on the real needs and context of your organisation.

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What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the process of helping groups to explore issues, draw conclusions and make decisions, in a structured and objective way.

In that respect, it is a science. But it is also an art, because a good facilitator will help to interpret events, interactions and outcomes. A good facilitator will adapt the process and help group members decide to take action and follow through.

A well facilitated event is creative.   Taking a complex set of problems and/or issues, a solution is first conceived and then developed into an action plan that people buy into and execute with enthusiasm.

The best events are followed up and the action plan is regularly reviewed and reappraised in the light of events, and in this way, objectives are met.

What Is It Not?

It is not consultancy !   If you want us to provide the answer, you don't need a facilitator, you need a consultant.   We help you to discover the answer – you know your business, its people, problems and possibilities : we know how to get this from you and shape it into an achievable result.

How Can We Help?

Most of our workshops are tailor made, using well tested techniques, but in a process and environment unique to you.

Examples of workshops we run are:

  • Project definition and setup
  • Lessons learned
  • Risk identification and risk management
  • Change management
  • Project planning and execution
  • Business planning
  • Project troubleshooting
  • Stakeholder management
  • Training needs analysis (TNA)
  • Process mapping
  • Organisational design and management

Why Use the PSO?

  • We allow you to focus on the content of your workshop, not the process
  • We are dispassionate and objective
  • We keep your workshop on track and on time
  • We ensure participation from all involved
  • We design the best process to meet your outcomes
  • We reduce conflict and ensure relationships are exploited to the full
  • We help to untangle complex issues and reach practical conclusions
  • We ensure there is a clear, common understanding of the conclusions
  • We provide challenge and ensure actions are captured
  • We focus on the objectives without being sidetracked
  • We provide a "Third Ear"
  • We do all the work in arranging your workshop
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